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What do you know about utility model patents?

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What do you know about utility model patents?
A utility model patent refers to a new technical solution suitable for practical use proposed for the shape, structure or combination of a product, also known as a small invention or a structure patent. to a definite spatial shape. The technical solution can be a technical solution proposed for the three-dimensional shape of the product.
Apply for authorization conditions
Novelty: The method or product does not belong to the existing technology, and no unit or individual has filed an application with the patent administration department under the State Council for the same technology before the application date, and recorded in the patent application documents or announcements published after the application date in the patent documents.
Inventiveness: It means that the utility model has substantive features and progress compared with the existing technology before the filing date.
Practicality: Practicality means that the invention can be manufactured or used, and can produce positive effects, and the comprehensive technical solution has improved.
Documents required for patent application
1. Basic application materials:
①Apply in the name of an individual: a copy of the ID card, and a copy of the ID card of the first inventor; if you need to apply for fee reduction, provide the Request for Reduction of Patent Fees (applicant’s personal signature);
②Apply in the name of the enterprise: a copy of the business license, a copy of the organization code certificate, and a copy of the ID card of the first inventor; if the fee reduction is required, a "Certificate of Patent Fee Reduction" (stamped by the local intellectual property office) is provided.
2. Technical information: submit a technical disclosure book
3. Power of Attorney for Patent Agent;
unpatentable subject matter
1. Scientific discoveries
2. Rules and methods of intellectual activity
3. Animal and Plant Varieties
4. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases
5. Substances obtained by the nuclear transformation method
6. Violating social morality, obstructing public interests, or granting methods or products that would cause harm to society


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